Pattern Chest is owned and operated by your friendly hosts, Beth Fischi and Allen Varney. We’re both former English majors and met as freelance writers at GenCon (back in Caesar’s time, when it was held in Milwaukee…pre-Critical Role). Since then, we’ve lived in various places, including Austin, Texas and Ithaca, New York, which we currently call home.


I’ve been interested in the fabric arts since I freelanced at a small newspaper group in my early 20s and published this story on quilts. You can tell I’m a freelancer at heart because I kept this article for close to 30 years now.

Fast forward to January 2020. I decided to take a breather from the corporate world after 20+ years, where I was the Director of Technical Communications for Nokia Software (all lovely folks whom I miss). Just as (unknown to us) COVID-19 was starting to spread into the West, I rejoined the rough-and-tumble world of entrepreneurship to start BundleSites and run its first site, Pattern Chest. As you might imagine, directing a 170-person high-tech organization is a bit different than running a small business… and yet, somewhat similar in that you’re still developing short- and long-term strategy, focusing on goals, and executing daily. The nice thing about owning your own business is the creative freedom… yeah, and not having to be in meetings at 4 AM.

Here’s the last thing I’ll mention by way of introductions. Pattern Chest and Bundle of Holding are founded on the principle of giving the majority of our revenue to designers, authors, and charities. I cherish BundleSite’s goal of supporting the creative community, where Allen and I have our roots. And I cherish the opportunity to help support deserving charities, even if it’s in a small way. We hope to attract customers like you who also hold as part of your values giving back and supporting designers and authors. Thanks for all you do!


Pattern Chest was inspired by the Bundle of Holding (, a site that sells tabletop roleplaying game .PDFs and RPG-related ebooks. Since 2013, I’ve owned and operated the Bundle of Holding, presenting more than 400 time-limited offers comprising 3,000+ titles from over 235 leading tabletop game publishers. In a seven-year span the Bundle of Holding has sold more than 310,000 bundles to 60,000 gamers.

Each offer benefits one or more recognized charities. Lifetime donations from Bundle of Holding offers total more than US$645,000 to beneficiaries such as the Electronic Frontier Foundation, Human Rights Watch, the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, Ocean Conservancy, Rainforest Trust, and Vision Rescue.

The Dev Team

Pattern Chest and Bundle of Holding could not operate without the diligent efforts of our talented development and testing team: thank you, Laura Dean, Stephen Reay, and Elaine Wright!